We designed and constructed our office with a patient's comfort in mind.  As you enter our reception area, you will notice a setting reminiscent of the comforts of home.  We desired to offer an environment that is soothing and relaxing, not clinical.  You will hear music playing softly as you read a current magazine.  Children can busy themselves in our small play area.  Two styles of seating give you the option to select a seat most comfortable to you.

When it is time for treatment, you will be cradled by sewn upholstery on a chair that uses the science of pressure mapping to reduce pressure points while providing exceptional support.  This results in increased comfort and decreased stress.  Additionally, each chair is positioned directly in front of a window and equipped with a television for your viewing pleasure.



Health and safety within the dental office has been prominent in today's media.  Strict adherence to infection control procedures is a top priority at Glendale Family Dentistry.  Each treatment area includes its own self-contained sterile water system.  Today, dentistry offers many single-use, disposable items.  GFD uses many such items.  Reusable dental instruments are heat sterilized, or autoclaved, between each patient to protect against the possibility of cross-contamination from one patient to another. Heat sterilization kills any potentially harmful microorganisms.  Our A-dec Sterilization Center was specifically designed to simplify following sterilization protocols.  Furthermore, special precautions are taken in the handling and disposal of potentially hazardous waste materials in the dental office.  Each member of our clinical team has received special training in patient and employee protection procedures set forth by OSHA.

Before leaving our treatment area, you may want to stop at our "Goodbye" mirror.  Here you can "freshen up" by checking your hair and/or make up (and your smile).  Also, this is where you will find complimentary Tri-dent gum.


Our Consultation room offers added privacy to discuss various treatment options or discuss financial arrangements.

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